Brief History of Zion Home (Orphanage)


   Zion Home (Si-On-Won by Korean pronunciation) was established in 1953 to take care of homeless children, who mostly lost parents during the Korean War, by Mrs. Ell-Sun Kim, the founder.  She also had served as the first chief director of Sionwon social welfare foundation and the chief officer of Zion Home until she died in Oct. 21. 1997.

  Mrs. Seung-Hwa Moon had served as the chief officer from Jan. 1998 succeeding of Mrs. Ell-Sun Kim and retired in Apr. 2002.  

  Mrs. Sung-Sook Kim became the third chief officer in May. 2002 succeeding of Mrs. Moon, and now is serving her role very actively.

  We have 37 children as of June. 2007, all girls, who are actually careless children rather than real orphaned children from 3 to 18 years old. There are 10 staffs including a chief officer and a general manager, a cook, a safety administrator, 6 nurses who are working 12 hours per day and night alternatively to take care of children acting as a mother.

  Government assists about 90 percent of living expense for children and labor cost for staffs


   Our Mission & Objective & Subject to solve

  Our mission is to bring up of abandoned children and lost children who cannot be taken care of even though their parents are alive.

Our objective is to make our orphanage similar with real home where parents take care of children having comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.

In order to achieve our mission and objective, we are doing our best to make our home as comfort as possible like a sweet home with many programs, such as one to one relationship with private teacher and each child or building peaceful environment, grouping as less child as possible for a nurse who is able to look after children assigned to her, etc.

When child is grown up to age of 18, Government terminates financial aids for her, so she have to leave our home to start on her own life with small amount of seed money cumulated in her bank account since she arrived here, which seems to be insufficient to sustain their new life alone. We believe that this issue must be our subject in hand we should solve soon.      


 How to make a child to be a family member of our Home

  If a child living in Seoul in age from 3 to 18 years old is an abandoned child or a lost child and cannot be brought up by parents or relatives or protector, and when a protector of a child want to let a child in care of any orphanage, a child protector must visit the SooSeo city children counseling center accompanying with child for counseling to decide the possibility of his/her decision.

The counselor in center will decide to send each child to one of orphanages in Seoul after completing counseling with a protector regarding the request of protector is reasonable for letting a child in orphanage.

We normally accept the decision of SooSeo city children counseling center sending a girl to be our family member in case that she dont refuse to come to our home and our capacity to accommodate more memeber is not over.

Please refer to SooSeo city children counseling center for more details.


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